Workshop has a mulled cider on offer this year, made with Monteith’s (I assume their apple cider) as the sign above the bar explains.I also assume there were some spices thrown in the mix, though it really just tasted like warmed cider.

It was served with a star annis floating about the top of the glass but unfortunately there wasn’t anything in particular that stood out with this one.It was nice, warm, a little juicy maybe and the glass was filled to the brim. I did have a second while I was there but I wouldn’t be going back just for another any time soon. The bar did put on a free BBQ while we were there (a Thursday night if you were wondering) so there’s a bonus.

Would I order a second? I did

Would I return to the venue just for it? No

Will I be back next year? Yes, but not for the cider

Location: Workshop on Elizabeth St in the CBD, entry off A’beckett St

Price: $9

Rating: 2.5 / 5

Reviewer: Mark