The Fitzroy Pinnacle is also doing a mulled cider this winter, and it is delicious! It’s got all the spices and honey and spiced rum to make you one very happy customer.

The sweetness of the honey wasn’t too much and neither was the juicy factor. The rum was an ingredient you could certainly taste and worked well with everything else going on in the glass, definitely warmed you up inside.The serving was generous, the price was cheap and to top it off there was even an open fire.

Overall this one was a winner and I am very much looking forward to heading back to the Pinnacle for another.

Would I order a second? Yes, and probably for a third as well

Would I return to the venue just for it? Definitely

Will I be back next year? For sure

Location: The Fitzroy Pinnacle in Fitzroy North

Price: $7

Rating: 5 / 5

Reviewer: Mark