So it’s good to see the sports bars are giving their customers a mulled option as well. At the Parkview the offering is a mulled cider. The sign at the bar did say it had ‘sugar and spice and everything nice’ so I like to think there were some extra goodies thrown in, though it was hard to taste any. The glass it was served in was an advertisement for Rekorderlig so the chances that this mulled cider was a warmed up Rekorderlig seems pretty likely.

In saying that there wasn’t anything bad about it, wasn’t too juicy or sweet, and it did taste better than some others I’ve had. Also probably the cheapest mulled option I’ve seen out there. So if that sounds good to you and you’ve got a hankering for pokies and keno then head to the Parkview.

Would I order a second? Nah

Would I return to the venue just for it? Nope

Will I be back next year? Doubt it

Location: Parkview Hotel in Fitzroy North

Price: $6.50

Rating: 3 / 5

Reviewer: Mark