When walking into the bowls club the smell of mulled wine was the first thing I noticed. It was a nice brew and made by one of the bar staff. Nothing greatly different about this one, it wasn’t overly sweet or juicy, no sharp hit of spice or spirits, pretty well rounded flavour really.When combined with some live music as part of the opening night to the Newport Folk Festival it made for a great atmosphere.If it had been the middle of the day (and the weather was at least somewhat warm) it would have been perfect for a game of bowls as well. It’s a shame that mulled wine and barefoot bowls is not a realistic combination.

Would I order a second? Yes.

Would I return to the venue just for it? Unlikely, unless I had plans for a game of bowls.

Will I be back next year? Considering the folk festival is on I just might.

Location: Newport Bowls Club in Newport

Price: $8

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Reviewer: Mark