Monty’s is a place where I feel it would be fine to expect to see a cocktail menu sitting on the bar. I say that because I don’t think mulled wine is their specialty, at least it wasn’t the night we were there.While I’m grateful for any place that offers mulled wine, this one was just too spicy.

The first few sips were nice but once you got down to where all the spices were hanging out, there was a bit too much going on. It was a very rich mull with a strong star annis flavour, and quite sweet as well.

Going back for a second was definitely not going to happen. I couldn’t say if that’s the standard Monty’s recipe but hopefully it was just a case of the bar staff getting a little too excited that night.

Would I order a second? No, one was enough

Would I return to the venue just for it? I would not

Will I be back next year? Quite possibly

Location: Monty’s Bar in Fitzroy North

Price: $8

Rating: 3 / 5

Reviewer: Mark